The base is cast in aluminium and is equipped with a discreet USB charging port at the rear side. It has a recessed top which creates a tray for small items, like paper clips or USB sticks at the work place, or jewellery or a watch by the bed.
The LED light source keeps the shade cool to the hand, but also meets the requirements for energy saving which is an obvious necessity when designing a light today.


We have strived to create a simple and intuitive form and reduce details not adding to functionality. However, simplistic and pure form requires perfect detailing and skillful execution. We have designed a lamp that doesn’t express its technical properties, but instead appears humble and friendly and enhances the ease of use.


Design work is a puzzle with proportions and details. For some products it’s a long process and a challenge to meet both functional and technical aspects, and still create a beautiful object.

Focal is not a task light in the traditional sense, as we wanted to keep the measurements small to fit many spaces and the style simple and elegant to be suitable for both office, home and hotels.