Obris Sofa (2019)
Allermuir, United Kingdom

Sofas are typically built with a rigid box structure made of plywood covered with polyether foam. The Obris Sofa designed for Allermuir is constructed around a light tube frame cladded with layers of laminated mesh and fabric providing a flexible textile skin on all sides. This untypical construction enables a thin and elegant form and a light expression to balance the sofa’s solid base. Although the concept is elegant, its primarily designed for function. As you lean back in the seat the soft walls bend under your weight and the sofa embraces you gently providing an unexpected level of comfort for such moderate dimensions.

Obris is our first collaboration with British contract furniture brand Allermuir, part of The Senator Group. Together with British designers Pearson Lloyd and Benjamin Hubert/Layer Design, we are proud to be invited to contribute to a new line of design driven products to energize the Allermuir collection.

Project information

Title: Obris Sofa
Object: Sofa Collection
Client: Allermuir
Models and sizes:
Two-seat 190 x 90 x 42/76 cm
Three-seat 230 x 90 x 42/76 cm
Armchair 103 x 90 x 42/76 cm
Material: Plywood base with seat webbing, steel tube chassis with elastic mesh, polyether foam, feathers and down filling, textile upholstery
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2019


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