Expose Tables

Wendelbo, Denmark

Sculptures and art pieces and are again taking a place in modern homes and interiors as timeless and classic style is embraced and reimagined. Podiums, plinths and display units showcase art and memorabilia in new and exciting fashions. With the Expose Tables, designed for Wendelbo in Denmark, we wanted to create a table concept that would both stow away items we want to hide and showcase the objects we want to display.
We have played with folded paper to inform and inspire the form and construction. The same way thin paper gets strength and sturdiness with folds we have created a simple form comprised of thin, folded steel sheet with a visually light expression. On top the steel structure has a pane of smoked glass to give a semi-transparent expression and at the bottom a slab of dark marble provides a visual weight and balance. Each table has a shelf to give structural strength and to create a space for concealed storage. The shelf is places to one side to provide a space opposite with full height beneath the glass to showcase books, objects or perhaps a plant, elegantly framed by the marble backdrop.   

With this updated functionality - to store and to display - the concept meets contemporary needs for homes and hospitality space. The tables come in three sizes to be used separately or grouped in dynamic clusters. 
The Expose Tables are minimal in form and continental in style with a humble elegance and a sort of gentleman's confidence. 

Project information

Title: Expose Tables
Object: Table collection
Client: Wendelbo
Models and sizes:
Large 100x100x40 cm
Medium 70x70x45 cm
Small 45x45x50 cm
Material: Black powder coated steel, smoked glass, Dark Emperador marble
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2020


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