Kite Highback
Sofa (2021)

Wendelbo, Denmark

Designed for outstanding comfort and intimate conversations, the Kite Highback is a natural extension of the Kite sofa released in 2020.
Thin upholstered panels – kites – provide the concept with its distinct and recognizable character with a linear and rather strict outside, contrasting with a soft and curvy inside. Despite large and generous cushions with feathers and down, the dimensions are restricted, thanks to the thin exterior panels.
To further improve the versatility of the collection the Kite highback is simply an extension of the original Kite sofa – an extension in height – to provide a more secluded and private seating.

The Kite Highback sofa is distinguishing itself within this category with generous cushioning and superior seating comfort that will grant for more privacy and will cater for longer sitting and extended conversations.


Project information

Title: Kite Highback Sofa
Object: Sofa Collection
Client: Wendelbo
Models and sizes:
One-seat 130x90x130 cm
Two-seat 190x90x130 cm
Material: Wood frame, elastic seat webbing, PU foam and down, feather, micro fiber filling
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2021


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