Kite Sofa (2020)
Wendelbo, Denmark

The Kite sofa collection is the first project to spring off the new collaboration with Danish furniture maker Wendelbo, as the company is revitalizing its brand and identity in early 2020. 

Our strive and focus has been to create a sofa collection with timeless aesthetic and luxurious dimensions, bridging between retail and constract market. Wendelbo’s expertise in upholstery and textile craftsmanship has been utilized with distinguishing features and upholstery details. Furthermore, a holistic and modular thinking in terms of manufacture has allowed the range to include many models and sizes, ranging from arm chair to corner sofa.

We love free-standing furniture! Therefore, special attention has been paid to the rear side of the sofa. Upholstered panels cover sides and back and create a carefully tailored aesthetic. These well-crafted elements provide a distinguishing feature, while the overall concept maintains humble and inclusive. The result is a sofa which speaks with confidence, rather than loudly.

Project information

Title: Kite Sofa
Object: Sofa Collection
Client: Wendelbo
Models and sizes:
Arm chair 100x100x74 cm
Two-seat 208x100x74 cm
Three-seat 260x100x74 cm
Sectional 260x160x74 cm
Corner 267x267x74 cm
Material: Wood frame, elastic seat webbing, PU foam and down, feather, micro fiber filling
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2020


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