Kite Club
Armchair (2021)

Wendelbo, Denmark

The Kite Club Armchair naturally originates from the Kite sofa, as a smaller and more flexible armchair. It inherits the same distinct design elements, but with some distinct alterations and a more lighthearted expression. The wood base is constructed with the same principal parts, but tweaked to a more informal arrangement. 

The most distinguishing feature, however, is the curved back formed by a single upholstered panel providing a lighter and simplified aesthetic, but that also creates a form with less direction and therefore invites to more dynamic placement and flexible usage.

To differentiate the design further the curved exterior panel has also been given quilted seams from top to bottom. The seams make vertical furrows through the upholstery and add a sense of refinement and craftsmanship, but also emphasize the volume of the rounded back.

Project information

Title: Kite Club Armchair
Object: Compact armchair
Client: Wendelbo
74x72x42/72 cm
Material: Wood frame, elastic seat webbing, PU foam and down, feather, micro fiber filling
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2021


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