Zaozuo in Chinese means "produce" and "create", something we learnt when we were first approached by the new Chinese furniture brand in October 2014. The brand is founded by a young Chinese female entrepreur who have hand-picked a group of engineers, marketing and supply chain managers mainly educated in the United States to compose the founding team.

JWDA was one of three Stockholm-based design studios to be invited to contribute to the first collection - in good company with Form Us With Love and Studio Nichetto. With an undivided focus on the Chinese domestic 300 billion dollar market, the first products were to be introduced by the end of 2015.

During 2015 the Jonas Wagell studio has designed five lines of furniture for the emerging brand, which are now previewed and going through further developed to acheive the highest possible quality to affordable consumer price.


The Chinese comsumer market differs in many ways to the Western. In terms of living conditions, size and disposition of space there is a greater need for compact living and multi-functional furniture. Furthermore, consumer behaviour and brand loyalty behave differently since the design awareness is less widespread and the market is young and impatient. All these are factors taken into consideration in our initial design work.


Young people today have a personal laptop or tablet and in the home the dinner table also has become a place of work. This contemporary behaviour has created new functional requirements for furniture in general and tables in particular. When the computer is not in use, it may safely be contained - and even charged - inside the table.