Pod Chair (2016)
Zaozuo, China

When we were asked to create a small and affordable chair for Zaozuo in Beijing, we wanted to originate to concept on the tradition of the Scandinavian “Pinnstol” (translates to “stick chair”), a simplified Windsor chair typology. This chair is typically made of solid wood with tapered legs and a back made of “sticks” pierced into holes in the seat.

For Pod Chair we have embraced this concept, but we wanted to simplify the expression even further but using a solid back, giving the chair a clear and graphic look. The form is reduced to three essential parts; the round and curved seat, tapered legs which attaches directly below and the slightly oversized back which seemingly balances on the edge of the seat. The simplified, almost naivistic expression, is made possible with a steel reinforcement bracket integrated between seat and back, providing the chair with a light, friendly and unique expression.

Project information

Title: Pod Chair
Object: Dining chair
Client: Zaozuo
Size: 49 x 47 x 77 cm
Material: Laminated oak, solid oak
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2015
Release: 2016


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Zaozuo in Chinese means "produce" and "create", something we learnt when we were first approached by the new Chinese furniture brand in October 2014. The brand is founded by a young Chinese female entrepreur who have hand-picked a group of engineers, marketing and supply chain managers mainly educated in the United States to compose the founding team.

JWDA was one of three Stockholm-based design studios to be invited to contribute to the first collection - in good company with Form Us With Love and Studio Nichetto. With an undivided focus on the Chinese domestic 300 billion dollar market, the first products were to be introduced by the end of 2015.

During 2015 the Jonas Wagell studio has designed five lines of furniture for the emerging brand, which are now previewed and going through further developed to acheive the highest possible quality to affordable consumer price.


The Pod chair is designed to provide a generous and comfortable seating, but the form is also made to be easy to read and pleasant to look at. The backrest is high enough to give support for the back, but low enough to give the chair a humble and and laid-back expression. Altogether, the Pod chair stands out as an iconic object that looks nice both as a solitude and in a large setting.