Framework Cabinets (2016)
Zaozuo, China

The requirement for compact and clever living solutions is particularly significant in Chinese cities with rapid growth and rapid urbanization. Keeping the living space free from unused items and clearing away unnecessary objects is a good way to create a calm and relaxing environment. Framework is a range of simplistic storage units made of painted mdf board with concealed brackets and hinges and refined details. The cabinets stand on a thin, graceful legs and have a monochrome colour scale, except for the some highlighted parts with contrasting materials.

The concept comes in a five sizes to be suitable for all rooms and purposes in the home. All Framework cabinets are based on the same basic structure with a depth of 42 cm. There are three widths – 80, 100 and 120 cm – and furthermore three heights; 60, 95 and 135 cm.

Project information

Title: Framework
Object: Cabinet range
Client: Zaozuo
Sideboards 100/120 x 42 x 60 cm
Mid cabinet 80 x 42 x 95 cm
High cabinets 80 x 42 x 135 cm
Material: Painted MDF, oak veneer
Design: Jonas Wagell
Year: 2015
Release: 2016

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The Chinese comsumer market differs in many ways to the Western. In terms of living conditions, size and disposition of space there is a greater need for compact living and multi-functional furniture. Furthermore, consumer behaviour and brand loyalty behave differently since the design awareness is less widespread and the market is young and impatient. All these are factors taken into consideration in our initial design work.


The low cabinet comes in two proposed widths; 100 cm and here 120 cm, whereas the wider version is equipped with two doors and one drawer finished in wood and with concealed expansion brackets.

The second height is 95 cm including the base with a width of 80 cm. This unit is equipped with a drawer at the bottom and two cabinet doors. This medium height cabinet is suitable for hallways, livingrooms and bedrooms and is shown here with a framed brass top.

The high cabinets measure 135 cm from the floor and has the same leg base as the rest of the range. This version has an open display part with glass shelves to showcase decorative items or to contain easily accessible objects. Furthermore, it has a storage space with a door and two drawers at the bottom. The high cabinet is also available with a glass vitrine combined with a closed storage unit.


The lowest parts of the Framework range are two sideboards. They are 60 cm high and stand on a 20 cm high steel base and come in 100 and 120 cm width.The top of the cabinet has a recessed surface in a different material to the otherwise monochrome furniture, here in oak veneer to contrast the painted mdf and steel legs. Furthermore, the top is “framed” and empasized by the bevelled egdes around. A refined detail which is also applied on the doors and joints of the cabinet.