Describe the Peek table lamp in three words!

Simplistic, humble and quirky.

What is the story behind this product?

The Peek lamp was initially designed as a floor lamp to accompany a modular sofa I designed a few years ago. I find it that floor lamps often are big and quite dominant in interiors. I needed a lamp which was small and humble and simply “popped up” where you needed some light. The Peek lamp has a heavy base with a long slender stem and a shade which gracefully peeks over the back of a sofa or armchair.

Where did you get your inspiration to this design and when and how are you truly inspired?

I don’t really get inspired by looking at products and furniture, on the contrary I sometimes find it quite stressful to see all new products being released and seldom read design magazines. Books about food, art or photography are more abstract to what I do and much more energizing. Actually, what I find the most inspiring is to have time to do things I enjoy, like travel, culture, music, running and food. When I’m re-laxed and feel good, I’m also at my most creative spirit.

I’m interested in the properties of materials and their tactile quality, but generally not so impressed by new or innovative materials. I appreciate technology, but love and prefer analogue solutions since they are intuitive and easy to understand. Trendy material also create trendy product, and trends come and go. Trends are not sustainable.

I believe the most important as a designer is simply to create objects that people care about and feel for. This way, things will not be thrown away as quickly, but saved and passed forward. I really like the analogue and playful work that was developed during the Memphis movement. All things do not have to be functional in a practical sense. Beauty is also an important function!