The WMF brand stands for traditional and classic elegance, whereas my design language often references a playful and contemporary style. The aim with the collaboration is to explore a middle ground – objects with friendly gracefulness, Wagell explains. From a marketing and sales perspective, this is partly to reach a new target group.

The Taverno range is the first products to be released after a three year on-going collaboration between Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell and distinguished Germany tableware manufacturer WMF. WMF AG (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik) was founded in 1853 and in 2013 the company had an annual turnover of 1,000 million Euros. Wagell is the first Scandinavian designer to be invited to collaborate in recent years.


Red wines need air to breathe. Full-bodied, "heavy" wines must also be sufficiently swirled for them to develop their full aroma. The best way to enhance a wine is to use a decanter. A decanter is a large glass carafe without a handle and with an extra wide bowl. The decanter is generally filled to its widest point: this provides as much wine-air contact as possible. There is no loss of aroma due to the controlled air circulation in the slender neck of the WMF decanter. The WMF decanter holds 1.5 litres.

Water, juice or wine – the Taverno carafe presents any drink in a remarkable way. Designer Jonas Wagell loves to combine puristic designs with high-quality materials: the carafe is made from hand-blown WMF crystal and features a tightly closing cork stopper. The bottle holds approx. 1 litre and is available with hand-blown crystal glasses to match. The glasses have a solid base and are ideal for water, wine and many other drinks. Good to know: both the carafe and the glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher.